Fox Business Interview

Part 1 of Fox Business Channel interview taped on 9/11/18
Mr. Markowski prediction of “day of reckoning” coming for six tech stocks which will be the cause of market crash

Part 2 of Fox Business Channel interview taped on 9/11/18
Mr. Markowski explains why after crash occurs it will take until 2033 for S&P 500 to exceed its 2018 high  

Digital Economy Foundation

Video: “Digital disruptor companies have the potential to get $10 billion valuations quickly.”  4 min 2 sec

Companies that have digital business models which disrupt entire brick and mortar industries can get to $10 billion valuations very fast. UBER is the best known disruptor.  $10,000 invested into UBER in October of 2010 grew to $102 million based on its July 2015 valuation.  The video also provides details on the steps that a “disruptor” company must complete to become successful.


Video: “Why companies qualifying as a “First Mover” have the potential to get to $1 billion valuations almost instantly” (3 min 52 sec)

Explains what qualifications a company must meet to be designated as a “First Mover”.  The video also explains why the designation can result in the company being valued for a billion or more very quickly.   When Yahoo started to generate its first revenue dollars in late 1995 it qualified as a First Mover.  Even though Yahoo was unprofitable it was able to launch an IPO and get to a billion dollar valuation in April of 1996.


Video: “Economy’s Digital Transition Creating Dynasty Wealth Building Opportunities” (8 min 12 sec)

This video is about the two transformations that occurred for the global economy since 1850; agricultural to industrial and industrial to digital.  Both transformations resulted in investors being able to build dynastic wealth over relatively short periods.  Video also explains the ongoing digital evolution of the global economy and the types of industries that have emerged and the new industries which will emerge though 2030.

Video link below:   Video compares the 100 to 1,000 times upside potential with the similar upside made by the early web infrastructure providers including Ebay and Yahoo.

Crypto Opportunities

Video link below: Video compares the US’ “wild west” in the mid-1800s with the “wild west” for crypto currencies which ended in 2018 and began in 2009 with the launch of Bitcoin.   Explains the need for regulated infrastructure by the crypto currency community has provided opportunities investment returns of 100X to 1,000X.