Due to markets becoming extremely volatile in March of 2020, the publishing of the Bull & Bear Tracker’s (BBT) signals has been extremely limited.  The signals had been averaging a monthly return of 5%. since July 2019. See “Why the Bull & Bear Tracker exited the market on March 3rdIt was due to our concerns for investors and traders:

  • Not following or not being in the position to follow the Bull & Tracker’s instructions explicitly 
  • Time lag of 15 minutes for text messages to be delivered     
  • Premature profit-taking.  The BBT has a steady history for 60% of the signals being successful.  Trading a signal before it ripens stunts returns.

The developer of the algorithm which powers the Bull & Bear Tracker, Michael Markowski is now in the process to develop a much simpler and scaled down version.   The new version will incorporate a portion of the BBT’s signals along with the forecasts of his newest SCPA (Statistical Crash Probability Analyses) algorithm.  It will enable those who do not have the wherewithal to engage an investment advisor to grow their portfolios during the market’s journey to its fourth quarter of 2022 final bottom.  Mr. Markowski’s BBT and SCPA algorithms are highly complementary.

Both of Mr. Markowski’s algos indicated that the market was at its interim bottom on March 23rd.   Hopefully, many of the BBT’s subscribers were able to trade the March 23rd through 25th buy and sell signals.  The returns for aggressive and conservative traders who followed the instructions explicitly to buy and sell the SPXL and SPY within 48 hours were 44.3% and 14.7% respectively. 

Again, on April 14, 2020, both the BBT and the SCPA algorithms indicated that the market had reached an interim high.  A signal for aggressive and conservative traders to establish 50% positions in the SPXS and SH respectively was sent at 3:45PM.  The signal to take profits was sent on April 16, 2020 at 12:40PM.

A careful read of “Bull & Bear Tracker shatters all monthly records for March 2020” is highly recommended.  The article provides details on the performance of the BBT’s automated 24/7 signals which are in the market 24 hours, seven days a week and 365 days per year.  The published text message signals which are sent to subscribers are derived from the 24/7’s signals. 

To configure the new product under development we need feedback from all subscribers.   Please complete the questionnaire below.

To maximize the returns from all of SCPA’s forecasts and the Bull & Bear Tracker’s automated and published signals requires active management by an approved registered investment advisor.  To be referred to a registered investment advisor click below.

To be alerted when the new scaled-down bear trader version becomes available click below to register. 

Read Mr. Markowski’s March 31, 2020, article entitled “Embrace the Bear” to learn about:

  • investing strategies that are best utilized during bear markets
  • investing in ETFs which go up when the market goes down
  • algorithms including the Bull & Bear Tracker and SCPA ’s which are being utilized by investors

The video of Mr. Markowski’s “Secular Bulls & Bears: Each requires different investing strategies” workshop at the February 2020 Orlando Money Show is highly recommended.  The educational video explains secular bulls and bears and includes strategies to protect assets during secular bear markets and recessions, etc.  The video also explains why diversification does not work and why penny and low-priced stocks should be held.  

BullsNBears.com which covers all of the emerging and declining economic and market trends is a one-stop-shop for bear market strategies and products.  Click here to view a one-minute video about the site.  

Finally, the BBT’s first signal for April 2020 was published on April 14, 2020, at 3:45 PM.   It was for conservative traders to buy the SH and aggressive traders to buy the SPXS. If you did not receive the text message click here.  If you did not get a chance to purchase the shares on April 14, 2020, do not purchase them now.