My March 23, 2020,  “Probability is 87% that market is at interim bottom” article contained the projected targets for eight global stock market indices upon a significant market rally occurring.   

Now that a powerful is now underway the targets have been raised.   My initial targets were very conservative since they assumed a 12% increase from the intraday 2020 lows for each of the eight indices.  

Based on the crash statistical probability analysis the probability is 100% that the indices will rally by 18% off of the lows.  The probability is 50% that the indices could increase by 23% from their lows.

The current green signal which was sent at 3:45 PM yesterday is the Bull & Bear Tracker’s most powerful ever. The gains for the aggressive traders trading the signal are in excess of 25% and the for the conservative traders is 8%.   

We highly recommend that you read the March 22, 2020 article about the performance of the back tested signals during the first 20 days of March.