Dear Bull & Bear Tracker/Bear Trader subscriber  

Bear Trader is the perfect hedge for an investor who wants to grow his or her portfolio while having the least exposure or overnight risk as possible.  The month of May was a perfect example for why.   

For the month the Bear Trader sent three alerts to trade.  Two of the three were winners with a cumulative gain of 3.3%.  The Bear Trader’s being extremely conservative and recommending 50% positions for two signals resulted in it underperforming the Dow Jones index which gained 4.3%.  Had the Bear Trader been more aggressive its performance would have been 5.4%.      

A buy and hold the Dow investor not only had more capital at risk.  He or she had overnight risk for every night of May.  A subscriber to the Bear Trader alerts had overnight risk for only two of May’s nights.   

Bear Trader has gained approximately 44% since March 3, 2020, even though it’s been out of the market more than it’s been in the market.   

The Bear Trader is an investor’s best friend since it reduces stress during highly volatility market and economic conditions.  

Bear Trader needs you to fill out the feedback survey that you were sent last week.   Those subscribers who complete the survey will be eligible for either grandfathered pricing or founding subscriber discounts.    

Thanks for being a subscriber during the two-year period in which the algorithm for the Bear Trader and its parent the Bull & Bear Tracker was tweaked.