Alpha Edge Partners (AEP) is in the process of becoming a SEC registered investment advisor.  AEP is affiliated with the following:


  • Bull & Bear Tracker (BBT), an algorithm which trend trades S&P 500 long and short ETFs
  • (BNB), which produces and publishes proprietary information and research covering bear markets for its subscribers


AEP, BBT and BNB were all founded by two brothers, David and Michael Markowski.     

The two brothers have been in the capital markets since they graduated from college in 1982 and 1977 respectively.   They have deep experience in publicly traded equities, private equity and venture capital.  

The brothers left the sell side in the early 1990s and founded an online financial research publishing company.  Over the years several alpha producing algorithms were developed to power online subscription products.  The table below contains the track record for the Bull & Bear Tracker (BBT) algorithm which trades S&P 500 long and short index ETFs.

Due to the impressive performance of the BBT the decision was made to establish AEP as a SEC registered investment advisor (RIA) in late 2019.  The business model of AEP is advisor to advisors.  AEP has no intention to administrate or manage the assets of any individual investor.  Instead, all investor and subscriber contacts are referred to AEP’s advisor clients.   


Based on the advice of legal counsel, the fast track for AEP to become a SEC RIA was to redomicile in NY.  The state has an exemption which enables an RIA to immediately be SEC approved upon it having AUM of $25 million within 120 days after the application has been approved.  Due to the onset of Coronavirus, AEP’s NY fast track was delayed.

Prior to the crash AEP was very confident that it could move AUM of $25 million to its advisor partners very quickly.  Due to significant post-crash new developments including the performance of the BBT in March 2020, the amount will be in excess of $100 million.   


In March of 2020, the SCPA (statistical crash probability analyses) algorithm was developed from the empirical research conducted on all notable market crashes from 1900 to 2019.  The SCPA which forecasts post-crash events has been precisely accurate.  It called for the exact March 23, 2020 bottom resulted in gains of 14% to 42% (triple leveraged) for more than 300 BBT subscribers within 48 hours.

Since the SCPA has forecasted following for the crash of 2020, the brothers’ have been intently focused to utilize the post-crash relief rally to get as many of their contacts and subscribers out of the market as possible:



Since the opportunity for gains averaging 17% per month will be limited to a maximum of 30 months the new priority of the brothers is to get their contacts referred to an AEP partner advisor as soon as possible.    

For a variety of reasons, including their contacts and Michael’s visibility with the major financial publishing media, etc., the brothers believe that AEP is well positioned to move $1 billion of AUM into its advisor partners by Q4-2020.  


To learn more about becoming an advisor partner of AEP contact David Markowski 541-778-7042